The Mission: Agent Carter, Diversity in Superhero TV, and a Colorful History – Joseph Phillip Illidge at Comic Book Resources

“In 2003, Marvel Comics published ‘Truth: Red, White, and Black,’ revealing the controversial story of the first Captain America being a Black man named Isaiah Bradley, not Steve Rogers, the popular Captain America of film.

Using the Tuskegee Experiments of the mid-20th Century in which Black men were experimented on under the guise of medical care and denied treatment for the disease they contracted, author Robert Morales and illustrator Kyle Baker reexamined ‘Project: Super Solder.’ Realizing that the United States government would use Black men as guinea pigs before experimenting on All-American boy Steve Rogers, the main creators behind “Truth: Red, White, and Black” crafted a story that used a comic book character to contribute to a larger narrative on the military industrial complex, the Black American male of the 20th Century, and how insidiously racial prejudice was intertwined with medical advancement.”


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