Today on Context Florida: Florida Hispanics, ozone, Early Education Summit and fair hiring

Today on Context Florida:

According to Steve Schale, every conversation about Florida and 2016 generally starts and ends with the Hispanic vote – and for good reason. It is easily the fastest growing segment of the population. The Hispanic vote in Florida is critical, though Schale would caution election observers that it isn’t the silver bullet. That being said, the Hispanic population’s margins are movable, which makes it important.

No Floridian likes to breathe dirty, unhealthy air. But Mark Ferrulo says one type of air pollution – ozone – is especially dangerous to our children, the elderly, those with diseases like asthma and heart conditions. In conjunction with Asthma Awareness Month, the Center for Effective Government has released a new report showing how tougher ozone pollution standards and more public resources would create cleaner air for more than 14 million Floridians.

Shannon Nickinson talks of Bruce Watson’s mission at the Early Education Summit, getting the tax money together to create Escambia Children’s Services Council. The coalition oversees funding for both the School Readiness program and VPK programs in the county.

When small business owners like Anthony James commit to fair hiring, it means real opportunities for people with criminal records. People of all backgrounds deserve a fair chance at good paying careers that allow them to provide for their families and invest their earnings back into the local economy. That is why James joined the Main Street Alliance of Florida to help remove the criminal conviction question from applications for employment with cities and contractors across the state.

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