The state bourbon festival of Kentucky is the Kentucky Bourbon Festival.

The Official State Amphibian of Kansas is the Barred Tiger Salamander.

The Official State Firearm of Arizona is the Colt Single-Action Army Revolver.

The Official State Carnivorous Plant of North Carolina is the Venus Flytrap.

The Official State Artifact of California is the Chipped Stone Bear.

Some state symbols make perfect sense: the state fruit of Georgia is the peach, the state sport of Hawaii is surfing, the state flavor of Vermont is maple. But why does Delaware even HAVE an Official State Macroinvertebrate? What legislative peculiarity of process led to the designation of Alabama’s Official State Musical Drama? Was everybody drunk on the day they voted for Texas’s Official State Cooking Implement?

Some state symbols are so consistent they are almost universal; nearly every state that has designated an Official State Dance has chosen the square dance for the honor. (Exceptions include Hawaii, which is obviously the hula, and North Carolina, which picked clogging.) Almost everyone’s Official State Beverage is milk, though Indiana decided to grab for the brass ring of boring beverages and honor water, and Ohio saluted brunch-goers everywhere by selecting tomato juice.

Last but not least: The Official State Declamation of Tennessee is “I AM TENNESSEE.” Just in case you had doubts.


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