The fossil worm turns

“Finding the head is the main scientific result. There’s been lingering controversy about this.” – A new reconstruction of hallucigenia sparsa answers questions about the shape and orientation of the animal, something that was previously so mysterious that scientists in the 70s had it upside down.

The last word in pictures since pictures spoke their first word

When the new TimesMachine re-launched in 2013… it gave those of us interested in design history an additional benefit while perusing each day’s issue. They left the advertisements in.

Includes an update with a link to Madison (previously), if you want to help the NY Times archive its vintage ads.

Gableman hopes to reel Rindfleisch (and Scott Walker’s secrets) back to Wisconsin

Dear Readers: We have some John Doe II news to talk about. I’m not absolutely positive what’s up – but I have some strong suspicions, which I will go into. Whatever’s going down, the timing of this could not be more threatening to Scott Walker’s impending presidential campaign. First you need to know that the more »

Two of our Palladium Chamber Players grace the pages of this week’s New Yorker magazine

If you’ve attended a Palladium Chamber Players concert, you know that our ensemble is composed of some of the country’s finest chamber musicians.

Ed Arron, Jeewon Park in The New Yorker

Ed Arron, Jeewon Park in The New Yorker

But just to prove it, please pick up this week’s New Yorker magazine. There on Page 6 is a full page photo of two members of our handsome quartet – Ed Arron and Jeewon Park. The husband and wife team are stars  in New York chamber circles and the photo was highlighting their appearance at the Caramoor Festival, where chamber music is a staple. Last year, Jeewon was featured in the New York Times.

Here’s what The New Yorker said:

Every summer, Caramoor, the most elegant of the Northeastern music festivals, offers concerts devoted to opera, orchestral music, roots music, and jazz. But since the festival’s founding, at the close of the Second World War, chamber music has been a vital part of the enterprise. In recent years, the quietly charismatic cellist Edward Arron (pictured above, with his wife, the pianist Jeewon Park) has been a major player here; this week, he joins several fellow-alumni of the festival’s prestigious young-instrumentalists program in one of his “Edward Arron and Friends” concerts. They perform two intimately connected pieces: chamber versions of Strauss’s “Metamorphosen,” a threnody originally written for string orchestra, and of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 3, “Eroica,” which Strauss quotes in his own work.

Ed and Jeewon, along with Jeff Multer, Danielle Farina, will be back next season for FOUR concerts. Kickoff show is Nov. 18, followed by 2016 shows on January 13, Feb. 17 and March 23. Season subscriptions will go on sale in September. Look for details coming soon at

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“Brennan wanted to destroy the report.”

The New Yorker has a profile of Sen. Diane Feinstein and her role in the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence “torture report” — including her conflict with CIA Director John Brennan over his spying on the committee’s staff.

I asked [Feinstein] whether she was disappointed in Obama’s lack of support for the torture report. She paused, and replied, “Well, let me say that there are people who don’t want to look at the whole truth. And I don’t know whether the President read our report or not. I certainly haven’t heard from him since.”