Clearwater Christian College will close this month

Clearwater Christian College will close its doors at the end of this month after nearly 50 years. The Board of Directors of the Christian liberal arts college announced Friday they will be closing.

“In order to address the challenges of declining enrollment, increased debt and lack of significant endowments or other revenue sources, the board and administration of Clearwater Christian College thoroughly investigated a variety of short-term and long-term viability options,” a statement on the college’s website reads. “Unfortunately the related due diligence process did not yield a resourced solution to the operational stress points of the college which could ensure completion of another academic school year.”

The school will close June 30.

It’s unclear what will happen to students currently enrolled in CCC. However, the administration is “working to help both current and prospective students move to their new transition of life.”

The board asks for prayers in the weeks to come.

Arthur Steele founded Clearwater Christian College in 1965. He wanted to open a Christian college to restore biblical standards and morality to educational curriculum.

CCC is an accredited college and awards associate and bachelor degrees in business, education and other liberal arts majors. The school also offers a master of education degree.

CCC received approval from the State of Florida that allowed students to receive state certifications for teaching.

The school is nestled in a prime chunk of land just off Highway 60 in Clearwater. It’s just feet from Tampa Bay and a short bike ride to downtown Safety Harbor.

The school is known for churning out many young Republican campaign volunteers and interns.

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