10 years, 1,715,454,785 comments (.36% of which mention cats)

Reddit, the other front page of the internet, turned 10 today (best comment on the anniversary “We made it 10 years without drama!”) and celebrated with a look back. It addition to the most liked posts, it also revealed some other interesting posts and replies. Some of the most gilded ever are well-written responses to Reddit’s/the Internet’s own problems (links go to responses, not topics): attacks on PUAs/MRAs, racism, and jokes about Asians. Of course, more true to popular form, the most gilded ever are about League of Legends and a NSFW thread that combines pranks with too much homophobic subtext. The most saved threads on Reddit tell you how to get free things on the internet, how to study, and where to go before you die. And, of course, there are good old standbys like “what is the best picture on the internet” and “what gif reduces you to laughter every time.” Reddit now faces many challenges for its next 10 years.


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