Prince Charming in Germany, Hamlet in Denmark, & DJ Chancellor in Heaven

Traumprinz, Prince of Denmark, and DJ Metatron are three pseudonyms used by the most prolific artist on the esteemed, niche record label Giegling, which specializes in vinyl-only releases of melancholic deep house, tech house, and dub techno.
In addition to singles, Traumprinz has released a number of free mixes of mostly original compositions that epitomize the Giegling sound and are a perfect accompaniment to your day if you things downtempo, melodic, and chill-outable:

(Neither the Sender Geibel radio station nor Planet Uterus club exist. This Is Not… DJ Metatron was not recorded in 1994, despite what the liner notes say. If you want more Giegling, the Giegling4Life mixcloud page aggregates mixes by all of the label’s artists.)

File under: creepy

In the weeks after the Broaddus family purchased their dream home in Westfield, New Jersey they began to receive mysterious, threatening correspondences from a stranger calling themself “The Watcher”. The stranger claims a special connection to the house, which has “been the subject of [their] family for decades.” The letters went on to claim of a secret buried within the walls of the house, and that a “second coming” was imminent given an infusion of “young blood”. The letters also claim that the sender was familiar with the previous owners of the home, and after some digging, the Broaddus family believes that to be true. They are now suing the former inhabitants for withholding this information during the sale of the house.

The folks over at /r/creepy contribute an item of dubious usefulness: another spoopy tale from Westfield!

Westfield is, coincidentally, also the setting of the strange case of John List.

Most news agencies are reiterating the same information from the CBS local and Gawker pieces above, but Courthouse News has an interesting legal perspective on the story.

The Shwedagon Pagoda of Yangon

The gold-gilded stupa of the Shwedagon Pagoda stands 99 meters high. Struck by the sun in the early morning or late afternoon, its beauty is dazzling. It dominates Yangon – you can see it from most points in the city – as it has for 2,500 years. I entered by the southern entrance. It, and the […]

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