Powerful And Triumphant And Lonely All At The Same Time

“Happy people don’t need you to say you understand. As an artist I don’t have much to say to happy people. And that works out great because they’re busy being content. For the rest of us, coming to terms with rejection, failure, death, and the fragility of love is very important. Some people are self-conscious about these things and maybe they don’t want to talk about them, but sometimes it just feels good to know you’re not alone. Books and music do this better than possibly anything else.”

Author Joe Bonomo explores the sadness, yearning, and warmth of the music of Greg Cartwright.

An abbreviated, chronological summary of Cartwright’s work starts with…

Compulsive Gamblers

Sour & Vicious Man

You Don’t Want Me

Two Thieves

Stop & Think It Over

…followed by the bassless garage rock outfit…


Bad Man

Do The Milkshake

Feel All Right

…though the bulk of his work has been with…

Reigning Sound

Break Up, Break Down

Since When

I Don’t Care


I’m So Thankful, which is discussed at length in the article.

Time Bomb High School

Stormy Weather, perhaps my favorite example of a cover song that transforms the original

Brown Paper Sack

I Walk By Your House

Reptile Style

Too Much Guitar

We Repel Each Other

Your Love Is A Fine Thing

You Got Me Hummin’

I’ll Cry


Love And Curses

Break It

Trash Talk

Call Me


Love Won’t Leave You A Song

Abdication… For Your Love

Lying Girl

Watching My Baby

Not Far Away


North Cackalacky Girl

Never Coming Home (which has my favorite string arrangement in a rock song)

Falling Rain

Once More

In My Dreams

I’m Trying (To Be The Man You Need)

And for what it’s worth, the Reigning Sound put on a great live show of screamers, Sam Cooke covers, rockabilly, and the remainder of their catalog. Enjoy!


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