You are the Cogmind

The Cogmind roguelike has entered its alpha release.

Cogmind is a science fiction roguelike, which in its original incarnation was part of the seven day roguelike (7DRL) challenge. It is now in the process of being expanded into a full game, and a very stable and playable alpha release is now for sale.

Unlike most roguelikes, there aren’t any of the classes or races of classic fantasy games. Instead, you play a “blank slate” robot (? probably a robot? mysterious story is mysterious) who can pick up and attach the parts of every other robot around you.

Home page

The super awesome development blog (which I spent hours reading, before purchasing the game)

Some user-produced tutorial videos to help get your bearing (although I’d say play the game a bit first, and then come back to the videos)

Buy it! The price ($30) might seem a bit steep for games of this type, but I’d say the value is definitely there, and the higher price seemed justified to me as I read the blog and understood the care, effort and time that went into it.

Oh, lastly – it’s technically Windows only, but I’m using it on Mac with Wine with only one super minor problem that I could probably find a way around if I were motivated (one or two keyboard shortcuts don’t work, so I have to remember to use the mouse for those). Mac instructions for Wine here. Reports in that thread that it works under Wine for Linux as well, although I don’t know if the procedure is slightly different.

(I’m in the middle of my best run to date, as a flying non-combat bot avoiding conflict with improved sensors, jamming equipment, and good old-fashioned running away.)


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