Another big homer by the Orioles beats the Tampa Bay Rays, Matt Moore

Give credit to the Tampa Bay Rays.

When it comes to giving up those gut-wrenching, afternoon-ending home runs, they’re cutting down on the damage.

This time, it was a two-run homer hit by the Baltimore Orioles that led to a 5-2 victory over the Rays on Sunday afternoon. Only a few hours after Chris Davis hit a grand slam for a Saturday night victory, Caleb Joseph knocked a shot out of the park to give the Orioles a 5-0 lead in the fourth inning off Rays’ starter Matt Moore, who has struggled since returning from Tommy John surgery.

The Rays didn’t have a hit until the fourth inning – again – when Evan Longoria and Logan Forsythe hit back to back home runs. But that was it for the low-scoring Rays, who have now lost 21 of their last 30 games. The Rays have now lost eight of their last nine series and have fallen to fourth place in the AL East.

The game was the 100th of the season for the Rays, meaning that if they are going to make a move to make the season interesting, it is time.

For now, there appear to be too many flaws to overcome.

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Hashtag Wubba Lubba Dub Dub

In conjunction with tonight’s season 2 premier, the creators of Rick and Morty have launched what’s being called the world’s first Instagram game, the Rickstaverse. The game is a click-through Easter Egg hunt through dozens of Instagram accounts full of comic strips, videos, and jokes.

Here’s a video of Rick walking you through how the game works and promising superfans and pedants that nothing is canon. Personal favorites from the game, include the Jerrygotchi (where you can have your Jerry digipet do things like make breakfast and take a nap), the Jack Chick tract parodies Mortytracts, and video where you see how Gazorpians interact with other Plutonians and other creatures from the show.

Because of the Instagram format I thought it was easier to navigate on a computer, than on the actual Instagram phone app, but otherwise it’s a pretty great use of the platform, and I’d love to see some more of it from people who are using it to create their own stories, rather than as a supplement to their entertainment product.

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Rick and Morty on Fanfare

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You are the Cogmind

The Cogmind roguelike has entered its alpha release.

Cogmind is a science fiction roguelike, which in its original incarnation was part of the seven day roguelike (7DRL) challenge. It is now in the process of being expanded into a full game, and a very stable and playable alpha release is now for sale.

Unlike most roguelikes, there aren’t any of the classes or races of classic fantasy games. Instead, you play a “blank slate” robot (? probably a robot? mysterious story is mysterious) who can pick up and attach the parts of every other robot around you.

Home page

The super awesome development blog (which I spent hours reading, before purchasing the game)

Some user-produced tutorial videos to help get your bearing (although I’d say play the game a bit first, and then come back to the videos)

Buy it! The price ($30) might seem a bit steep for games of this type, but I’d say the value is definitely there, and the higher price seemed justified to me as I read the blog and understood the care, effort and time that went into it.

Oh, lastly – it’s technically Windows only, but I’m using it on Mac with Wine with only one super minor problem that I could probably find a way around if I were motivated (one or two keyboard shortcuts don’t work, so I have to remember to use the mouse for those). Mac instructions for Wine here. Reports in that thread that it works under Wine for Linux as well, although I don’t know if the procedure is slightly different.

(I’m in the middle of my best run to date, as a flying non-combat bot avoiding conflict with improved sensors, jamming equipment, and good old-fashioned running away.)

Wisconsinite dissents in chalk: “WEASEL WHORE HOUSE”

The dissent: The chalker, who prefers to remain anonymous, gave me permission to upload this photo here. If you have questions about the use of the word “whore” in Wisconsin see this. You just finished reading Wisconsinite dissents in chalk: “WEASEL WHORE HOUSE”! Consider leaving a comment!Visit for more news and opinion. You can more »

“Scott Walker is not Joe McCarthy, but his technique is similar”

This is a bit from an opinion piece by Dana Milbank in the Washington Post: “Scott Walker is not Joe McCarthy, but his technique is similar: He suggests that the nation’s ills can be cured by fighting labor unions (foremost among the “big government special interests” hurting America), even though unions represent just 11 percent more »

“It was her debut… She wanted to do this.”

‘Leaving the Faith’: Faigy Mayer’s struggle in her own words

On Monday evening, a 30-year-old Jewish woman named Faigy Mayer fell to her death from a rooftop bar just one block from Tablet’s offices in Manhattan. The event was reported as a suicide… At the very least, we hope that publishing this article under her byline enables Faigy Mayer to have something of a legacy—in her own words.

The Whole Orthodox World Is Complicit in Faigy Mayer’s Death

Parents shunned jumper for leaving Hasidic Judaism

Gov. Scott touts 100 new jobs in Jacksonville

Jacksonville is getting 100 new jobs thanks to Johnson & Johnson Vision Care. The company is planning to expand its facility in the North Florida city from its current base of 2,000 employees.

The company will also spend more than $300 million to make the expansion happen.

“Since December 2010, more than 879,000 private-sector jobs have been added in Florida and we have cut taxes 50 times, including eliminating the sales tax on manufacturing equipment, which shows that Florida’s business-friendly environment makes it easier for companies to grow and thrive,” said Gov. Rick Scott. “Johnson & Johnson Vision Care chose Florida for this expansion out of any other place in the country. I look forward to even more announcements like this as companies realize Florida is the best place to do business.”

The expansion will pave the way for Johnson & Johnson Vision Care to create five new production lines and a tank farm in order to support new products.

“At Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc., we are committed to our customers, our employees and our community. The expansion of our Jacksonville facility will give us additional opportunities to deliver healthy vision to everyone, everywhere, every day and continue to be a vibrant member of the community,” said Tim Ryan, Johnson & Johnson Vision Care plant manager.

The company is also planning a “Center for Excellence” for 3D printing and a center for a medical device, laboratory test method development.

“Florida’s opportunity economy continues to grow thanks to global leading companies like Johnson & Johnson Vision Care and its investments in Florida,” said Bill Johnson, CEO of Enterprise Florida. “Florida’s life sciences sector is among the best in the nation, thanks to our pro-business climate and workforce. We thank Johnson & Johnson Vision Care for their continued commitment to Florida.”

According to the Scott administration, Florida is ranked second among states for FDA registered medical device manufacturing facilities. There are more than 1,100 biotech, pharmaceutical and medical device companies in Florida.

“Johnson & Johnson’s continued growth in Florida is another chapter in Florida’s economic resurgence. This facility is at the intersection of two critical industries – manufacturing and biotechnology – and that means families in Jacksonville will have 100 new opportunities for high-wage, high-skill jobs,” said Florida Department of Economic Opportunity executive director Jesse Panuccio. “This is a win for Jacksonville and for Florida.”

The project represents a partnership between Enterprise Florida, Florida Department of Economic Opportunity, CareerSource Florida, the City of Jacksonville and JAXUSA.

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One of the shady recipients of Walker’s WEDC welfare faces criminal investigation (finally)

As blogger lufthase puts it, “If WEDC had done a simple search on Green Box chairman Ronald Van Den Heuvel before making this loan, they’d have found at least 8 six-figure judgements from 2008 to 2011 against him or the many, many companies he has registered at the same address as Green Box.” Basically, Scott more »

We wanted to fill our bellies with America

Sizzler and the Search for the American Dream :: Inside the paper was another brick, bright yellow-orange and vacuum-sealed in plastic. We had never seen food that color before. We had never eaten anything that perfectly geometric. It sat in our fridge for days, like an unwelcome guest that never said anything. It just sat there without a word of explanation. We had staring contests every day. The cheese always won. I always had to blink.

Life in Chains is a an essay series exploring essential roles played in our lives by chain restaurants, from Eater Magazine.