Pinellas crack dealer sues cops for wrecking her transport vehicle on the way to jail

Girl gets busted for dealing crack. Girl gets put in police transport vehicle. Police transport vehicle gets into accident. Girl sues everyone involved.

Seems legit.

Maureen Doughterty was busted for possession of and dealing crack cocaine on June 28, 2012. On her way to jail, the Pinellas County Sheriff’s transport vehicle she was in collided with a truck and trailer belonging to a pressure washing company, Blasters.

Doughterty is suing both for damages associated with injuries resulting in the accident. The exact amount she is seeking is not disclosed in law suit documents.

According to Dougherty’s complaint, the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office vehicle collided with a trailer attached to a truck belonging to Blasters near the median on Ulmerton Road. She alleges the truck and trailer were occupying both the median and the left lane as the driver prepared to make a u-turn. Dougherty also said the trailer did not have functioning tail lights.

It’s not clear whether either party was cited for the accident.

Doughterty claims she suffered serious and permanent injury. The lawsuit complains she lost future earning potential and continues to suffer from the accident. Her mugshot, taken one day after the accident, does not appear to show any signs of injury to her face or neck.

Dougherty spent a year and a half in prison after being convicted on drug charges. She was released in October of 2013. It’s unclear why she waited so long to file the suit.

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