Sunday Funnies from Moose Kid and Friends

“Moose Kid Comics is a glorious 36-page, free to read, digital children’s comic. It features over 40 of the best comic artists working today. No-one involved makes any profit, all artists have given their time for free.

We created Moose Kids Comics for three main reasons: 1. To entertain comic readers and win new audiences. 2. To show how fantastic a children’s comic can be when artists create it themselves. 3. To open up the discussion about how we can make children’s comics great again.”

[for children of all ages… if you enjoy the ‘non-children’s’ comics of any of these artists, you’ll likely enjoy these]

(in order of appearance) Issue #2:

Moose Kid by Jamie Smart (previously here)

The Storymaker by Emily Kimbell and Jamie Smart

Cecil P. Wombat by Jess Bradley

Gurber by Tom Plant

Gimbal And Chug by Alan Ryan

Baked Alaska by Steve Tillotson

Doctor Weirdbeard, Monster Medic by Aaron Blecha

Gary The Goblin by Rianne Rowlands

La Mariposa by James Lawrence

The Anomalies by James Downing

Moss The Goth Panda by Aisyah Stevens

Pet Crusaders by Gary Northfield

Tippy! by Feltmistress & Jonathan Edwards

Beasticles by Viviane Schwarz

Flora And Fauna by Laura Howell

Fist Bump by Craig Knowles

Nantastic by Matt Baxter

Sir Loynstake by Rick Eades

Young Tank Girl (yes, THAT Tank Girl) by Alan C. Martin & Warwick Johnson-Cadwell

Crunchwood by Dan Gaynor

Sunny Von Monster by Aaron Alexovich

Hocus Baloney by Mark Stafford

Sir Baby by Rikke Asbjorn

Big Things Hiding Behind Small Things by Andrew Waugh

Crombie the Zombie by Tom Paterson

Lonely Jonesy by Alexander Matthews

Food Fighters by Stephen Waller

Tiger Patrol by Lindsey Lea

The Amazing Seymore by Rachael Smith (previously here)

Porc by Andreas Schuster

Trash Planet by Hamish Steele

Andy Of The Ants by Wilbur Dawbarn

Primrose The Apothecat by Samantha Davies

Doug Slugman P.I. by Joe List

The Li’l Dead Guys by Roger Langridge

Meatskull by Chris Garbutt

Kit & Marlowe by Vincent Woodcock

Last One Out by Will Kirkby

Nicholas the Ridiculous by Chris Garbutt

Mister Plops by Tom Plant and Jamie Smart

Issue #1:

The Amazing Tale of the Moose Kid by Neill Cameron (previously here) & Abby Ryder



Cecil P. Wombat

Marvin Stinkypants by Sarah McIntyre

Hocus Baloney

Pet Crusaders

Doctor Weirdbeard, Monster Medic

Crypto-pocalypse! by William Tallman

The Anomalies

True Story by Aaron Alexovich

Baked Alaska

Trash Planet



Sir Loynstake

Rosie And Rufus by Mike Pearse


Flora & Fauna

Young Tank Girl

Tiger Patrol

Food Fighters

Scrambles by Chris Garbutt

Primrose The Apothecat

Gimbal & Chug

100 Demons by Afonso Ferreira

The Amazing Seymore

Airlock Homeboy And Doctor Whatsup by Nigel Auchterlounie (previously here)

Big Things Hiding Behind Small Things

Doug Slugman P.I.

Beelzababy by Tom Paterson

Ratters The Cat by Rikke Asbjorn


The Li’l Dead Guys

Badgers Of Fury by Vincent Woodcock

Andy of the Ants

Gordon-zilla by David Leach

Last One Out

BONUS 4 page comic of The Amazing Seymour!

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