Bogus Pomp Orchestra returns to the Palladium Saturday for another amazing evening of Zappa creations

Before taking on the PalladiumPaul job, I was a journalist and was lucky enough to spend time with some amazing people. Up at the top of that list was one of my teenage heroes – Frank Zappa.

Zappa 1Twice, in advance of his concerts, I interviewed him. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but what I got was a brilliant, thoughtful and sometimes playful man. An artist who was always pushing the boundaries of “pop” music. And a charming guy who liked to eat ice cream during his interviews.

The first time I played a Zappa record in my room at home it was 1968’s We’re Only In It For the Money –  the concept album which had the Mothers posed in dresses with hair exploding everywhere. Listening on my tiny stereo, the sound was so strange and new that when the album finished -I had a stomach ache! I told Zappa that story and he loved it. Just the effect he hoped to have on complacent, suburban teenagers, he said.

Sadly, I can’t track down the stories I wrote from those interviews. But I still love Zappa’s music and I’ve long been a fan of Bogus Pomp  Their show with full orchestra at the Palladium last fall was a highlight of the year for me.  You should check out this snippet of the show that’s on YouTube.  This weekend, the Bogus boys and the full orcherstra are back in Hough Hall. It’s a night of daring and original music, with lots of twists and turns and some incredible beauty.

Don’t miss it. Click this link for tickets or pick them up at the door Saturday night. This show is in the main hall so we can fit all those musicians on stage!


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