Get an early start on the holiday spirit, with our Celtic Christmas show tonight in the Side Door

Harry O’Donoghue and Carroll Brown have made a lot of friends in the Tampa Bay area over the years and lately they’ve been performing in our Side Door each holiday season. They return tonight with “Celtic Christmas” a collection of songs that include holiday favorites, but also some great Irish and traditional tunes.

Tickets are on sale and available at the door tonight. For tickets follow this link.

To get you in the Celtic Christmas spirit, here’s a review of a previous show the pair performed in O’Donoghue’s current hometown – Savannnah:

Harry O'Donoghue

Harry O’Donoghue

“Ireland-born Savannah resident Harry O’Donoghue and Elgin-based pub singer Carroll Brown have done Irish Christmas shows together for several years now, and this is their second album of Irish-style holiday songs. But the duo aren’t the rambunctious “Irish Rover”-leading sing-along types you might expect — at least, they aren’t on this collection. Instead, they pair familiar carols with some moving songs about the season in general and about Ireland specifically. In every case, the material is far more meditative than rabble-rousing.

Though it’d be easy to think otherwise, the titular song isn’t a holiday tune. Rather, it’s one written by O’Donoghue just after the hostilities between the factions in Ireland officially ended. It’s the stillness that came in the absence of bombings and war that he sings of, bringing the concept of “peace on earth” out of Christmas carol fantasy and into real life.

Brown shows his chops as a country crooner on “The Man Who Ran The Inn,” which observes the unique place the innkeeper has in the Christmas story. His “Frosty the Snowman” is nearly Burl Ives-esque in its droll delivery, although the percussion from Irish hand drums places this version squarely within the album’s thematic frame.

O’Donoghue brings in at least one new Christmas classic, “‘Tis the Season,” among his sentimental offerings. It’s a more traditional tale of candles in windows, presents under the tree, and the birth of Christ, performed in a gentle acoustic style.

There are enough familiar songs here to entertain the kids, but mom and dad will want to cue up the more contemplative tunes for that post-wrapping cup of eggnog. They’re the perfect soundtrack for believers to reflect on the religious underpinnings of the Christmas season.”

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