Multi-talented, second-generation bluesman, Chris Thomas King, returns to the Side Door tonight

So happy to welcome back Chris Thomas King for his third visit to the Side Door Cabaret tonight (12-9). Chris’ sets are rich and varied – he’s a singer, a musician, a story-teller and a natural performer. If you haven’t seen him, don’t miss this chance.

There are still some tickets available, so follow this link for online sales, 0r come to our box office tonight before the 7:30 p.m. show.

Here’s a some info about Chris from his IMDB page:

Chris+Thomas+KingGrammy Award-winning blues artist, producer, composer and actor Chris Thomas King was born in 1962. His father, Tabby Thomas is a well-respected blues musician and owner of the famed Baton Rouge blues club Tabby’s Blues Box and Heritage Hall.

He grew up among the finest blues musicians in the genre at his father’s blues club and began touring with artists like Buddy Guy and B. B. King in his teens. His music was not only influenced by the blues, but by early hip-hop and country music, styles he fuses to create his own unique sound.

He writes, arranges, sings and plays all instruments on most of his recordings and produces them as well in his New Orleans recording studio. Chris is the most successful blues musician of his generation having sold more than ten million records in the United States.

As an entrepreneur, Chris took control of his master recordings in the early 1900s, founding the New Orleans record company 21st Century Blues Records to promote a more authentic image and sound than was promoted at most corporate record labels at the time. He coined and trademarked the phrase “21st. Century Blues” in 1993.

He owns and manages his own recording studio, 21st. Century Blues Studios, where he produces not only his own music but music for motion pictures.

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