The archetype is probably ‘Lucky Jim’ by Kingsley Amis…

“From a comic standpoint, anyone who’s every been to a cocktail party with university colleagues knows that even at the best of times it’s an ongoing comedy of manners, a ballet of awkwardness. There exist in university settings the following: Competition, ego, eccentric personalities. Sartorial affectation (berets, tweed blazers, brightly colored silk scarves, Trotsky-style beards, all manner of glasses). Bureaucracy and Machiavellian maneuvering. Snubs and indignities and inappropriate flirtations.

“All, as they say, ripe for satire.

The source for the quotation above: Revisiting the Campus Novel – by Erin Somers, Ploughshares

10 Fabulous Campus Novels To Cozy Up With This FallHuffington Post, Maddie Crumb, 2015

Academic Discourse and Adulterous Intercourse: what campus novels can teach usThe Atlantic, Megan Marshall, 2006

Who’s afraid of the campus novel?The Guardian, Aida Edemariam, 2004

The 50 Greatest Campus Novels Ever WrittenFlavorwire, 2013 (slideshow)

10 Classic Campus NovelsHuffington Post, 2011 (slideshow)

12 Books Set at University That All Students Should ReadWhat Uni, Billy Picard

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