Standup comedy returns to the Side Door on Friday; Almost as funny as a political debate!

Stand-up comedy returns to the Side Door this Friday. Ward Smith, an actor and comic, has put together almost a dozen shows at the Side Door and they are audience favorites.

The last “Ward Smith and Friends” show sold out, so don’t wait too late to get tickets for this one. it’s in our intimate Side Door Cabaret. For tickets and info, follow this link, or call the box office at 727 822-3590.

I chatted with Ward this week about the comics he’s bringing and how national politics is now officially funnier than actual comedians.

PalladiumPaul: You’ve got three other comics joining you at the Side Door this Friday. Who are they? Are they funny?

Ward Smith

Ward Smith

Ward Smith: The better be! Here’s the lineup:

Amanda Jordan- Voted “Best Up and Coming Comedian of Tampa Bay” by Creative Loafing. My second time working with her and I hear she’s swearing off boobs!

Aniria- She’s a fiery Latina who also produces and tours with an all-girl stand-up comedy troupe called The Funny Diva Show and she just won Best Screenplay at the St. Pete Comedy Film Festival for her short film 1-800-Call-A-Cougar.

Alan Schubowsky – This is his second time at the Side Door and one of my favs. Old school style and having him perform is better than seeing him sell black market Viagra in the alley.

PalladiumPaul: You’ve brought a really diverse lineup of comedians to the Side Door over the past year or so. I didn’t realize there were so many comics in this region.

Ward: There really is (a scene here) and the Tampa bay area has been a fertile breeding ground for regional and national acts for over 20 years.

PalladiumPaul: Given how absurd and hilarious the presidential race is at this point, do we really need comedians anymore?

Ward: HA! I tried to get Trump, Clinton and Sanders for this gig, but they were booked. Maybe we can get ’em in before November — I think they’re all hilarious.

PalladiumPaul: How is the Side Door as a room for stand-up? I loved one of the comics who joked that he was reduced to playing in a church basement.

Ward: Indeed. All jokes aside – the Side door is a GREAT room to play not a bad seat in the house, great sound and the staff is fantastic. It’s intimate like a comedy club without being one.

PalladiumPaul: One final Question

Ward: Ask me anything

PalladiumPaul: Have you seen my green socks?

Ward: Yes, the opened for the Betty Fox Band and were a hit.

PalladiumPaul: No. I meant my actual green socks.

Ward: Just the ONE- the other might be in Sock Heaven.

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