Meet The Ringer

Less than a year after the untimely demise of Grantland (previously), Bill Simmons is back with a new sports and pop culture site, The Ringer.

Returning are Grantland editorial staff Sean Fennessey, Bryan Curtis, and Danny Chau, as well as writers Jason Concepcion (Ask the Maester), Katie Baker (hockey and more), Matt Borcas, Robert Mays, and Jason Gallagher. New additions include former Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau (no relation to the actor), Alyssa Bereznak (Vanity Fair), Kevin Clark (WSJ), and Allison Davis (NYMag’s The Cut), among others. Some may lament the lack of Grantland’s heavy hitters, as WaPo reports:

Not everyone could be rounded up. Dan Fierman, Alex Pappademas and group of other Grantlanders were hired to revive MTV News. Wesley Morris took a gig at The New York Times. Even Robert Mays, a 28-year-old sportswriter, admitted that he wrestled with whether to return to Simmons.

Unlike Grantland, an ESPN property, The Ringer is owned by Bill Simmons Media Group, with HBO as the sole publicly acknowledged major investor, and a prominent beer sponsorship on the front page.

Sports Illustrated interviews Editor-In-Chief Sean Fennessey.

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