Suit claims barbecue at Vinoy made conference attendees sick

A conference last year at the Vinoy Renaissance St. Petersburg Resort & Golf Club resulted in nearly 20 people falling ill, according to a lawsuit filed in Pinellas County Circuit Court.

In April 2013, Swarovski, a privately-held Austrian company known for premium crystals, jewelry and other accessories, held a conference at the Vinoy, the historic, 361-room hotel located on the St. Petersburg waterfront. Managed by Marriott, the hotel is owned by Texas-based FelCor Lodging Trust.

Judy Beauparlant, who flew in from her home in Canada to attend the event, was among the Swarovski employees at the conference.

An outdoor barbecue, held on the last day of the event, allegedly left Beauparlant and at least 18 other employees ill. Several days after the conference, she suffered from “acute and significant abdominal pain, inability to urinate and difficulty walking.”

Beauparlant claims her illness forced her to undergo surgery, resulting in her hospitalization for diverticulitis, Salmonella and a ruptured bowel.

In the suit filed Jan. 12, Beauparlant says the food at the barbecue included dairy-based items, shellfish and meats. She alleges those items were left outside for an “extended period of time,” cooled only by ice, and located next to “hot grills.”

Beauparlant’s lawsuit does not indicate if any of her co-workers are also seeking compensation from Marriott in or out of court. She is seeking damages for negligence.

Interestingly, Beauparlant’s lawsuit does not list FelCor Lodging as a co-defendant.

The Vinoy is at 501 5th Ave. NE in St. Petersburg.

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The McFrizz Files: A Podcast Tale Of Addiction and Bank Robbery

Mike Frizzell surrendered himself voluntarily to police in 1993. He confessed and served his time and refound himself. In 2009, he was interviewed for a Seattle radio show, telling his story. Those interviews have been newly expanded over a series of 5 epic episodes that include questions from friends and internet strangers, and interviews with key figures in the life of Drew McFrizz. If you like long form podcast storytelling, you can begin with The McFrizz Files, Part One: How It All Began [1h32m]

The McFrizz Files, Part Two: Rhymin’ And Stealin’ [1h50m]

The McFrizz Files, Part Three: Life On The Run [1h40m]

The McFrizz Files, Part Four: Prison Life [1h50m]

The McFrizz Files, Part 5: Wagoneers Have Questions [2h11m]

House Treatment Solutions For Those With Alzheimer’s.

Alzheimer’s is a dynamic disease which is life threatening to individuals it impacts as well as unfortunately, this horrible condition can destroy the lives of much more individuals that those it straight impacts. Observing the slow-moving degeneration of a loved one while likewise doing your ideal to look after them can be too much for numerous. Consequently, in several methods close friends, loved ones and also colleagues can likewise become sufferer of this insidious disorder. Genuinely, only a family member or companion that supplies Alzheimer’s treatment, really understands how hard that can be. Even so, lots of people can not provide the necessary level of medical support a person with Alzheimer’s could need, which is why many people make a decision to employ the services of professionals, to supply totally extensive care to those that require it.

Supplying take care of Alzheimer’s patients, particularly towards the later stages of the condition, is not a very easy task. There are a lot of specifics called for, which just expert caretakers and also paramedics know with and also why it comes to be almost difficult for somebody to look after anybody with innovative Alzheimer’s. Despite how dedicated to offering that treatment they could be, this is the key reason most people make the decision to hire experts. An expert totally comprehends the clinical demands of the patient and is able to give the details treatments should supply a comprehensive degree of Alzheimer’s care.

Though physicians don’t know every little thing regarding why Alzheimer’s occurs, they do recognize much of the signs and symptoms that are extra usual. One point that prevails with patients is that they have much less mental task, specifically where memory is worried. This mental deterioration additionally impacts their mind as well as language capabilities. Though it is not something that you want to think about, the fact is that it can happen to someone you enjoy. Alzheimer’s illness, generally, impacts regarding 5 million Americans, which suggests that the chances of it occurring to your moms and dads or grandparents is instead high. Nevertheless, as opposed to popular belief, it is not something that only happens when you have actually reached a specific age.

If an enjoyed member of the family of yours has Alzheimer’s you have a few alternatives of just what you have to do next. You could make a decision to deal with them yourself, which is a permanent dedication. An additional alternative is that you could put them in a retirement home to receive treatment. The final option is to choose residence care solutions. With the first option, taking care of them on your own, you need to be planned for the psychological road you have in front of you. It is draining pipes and demanding, as well as it is hardly ever gratifying. It additionally uses up even more time than you might believe. If you do not know all the essentials of the healthcare they will certainly need, after that you will certainly take a lot more time to obtain over the learning contour. You could pick an assisted living facility, but that is sometimes tough for member of the family, primarily since they seem like they are deserting their moms and dads.

The third alternative, residence care services, is a wonderful mix of the previous choices. With home treatment services, the person stays at residence, where they really feel the most comfy as well as with family. With home treatment services, a registered nurse could help you out when you require it, functioning all the time to deliver individual attention as well as medicine needs. Think of exactly how you want to deal with the scenario as well as what will help you as well as your loved one lead the most met life. The danger of self-injury likewise enhances as the condition advances. So, another vital indicate take into consideration is whether the environment surrounding the person is a secure one. To supply Alzheimer’s care, a person needs to be truly confident that they could take care of. Most often, the best feasible choice is to situate the sufferer where specialists could take good treatment of them and give all the essential care that person needs.

Charlie Crist calls GOP Obamacare repeal without replacement ‘unacceptable’

With the Affordable Care Act – aka Obamacare – already beginning to be phased out by Republicans in Washington this month, congressional Democrats took to the streets in Florida and around the country Sunday afternoon.

Congressional representatives held rallies and press events featuring regular citizens whose lives have benefited by Barack Obama’s signature domestic achievement.

In South St. Petersburg, Charlie Crist held his own event, where he blasted congressional Republicans for having nearly seven years to provide an alternative to the ACA without doing so yet.

“In Washington D.C. I will do everything I can to prevent that from happening,” he said of the plans to repeal and replace.

And while that comment drew cheers from his supporters at the news conference held outside of Advantage Insurance Solutions on 22nd Street South, the fact is in the House at least, Republicans don’t necessarily need any Democrats to help them pass an alternative plan after they repeal the ACA.

“I think we need to keep it the way it is and try to improve it,” Crist said when asked if he would work with Republicans on a replacement.

“There are things that can be better about this act, no question about it,” he admitted, referring to ways to keep costs from escalating. But he said that repealing provisions of the law such as removing the ban on insurance companies being able to deny patients with pre-existing conditions was morally wrong.

“It would have to be something like Obamacare,” he said when asked by another reporter about what type of alternative he could stand behind. But the freshman Representative admitted that would be “challenging” considering that Republicans ran this fall on a platform of dismantling Obamacare.

“But anything worthwhile is not easy,” he said. “Just because it’s hard doesn’t mean it’s not worth fighting for.”

Terry Donald is the owner of We Haul Florida, a hauling and cleanup service in Pinellas County.  He calls his family’s health history “a nightmare” with high blood pressure and heart disease present in several members of his clan. He related an anecdote about how he received a staph infection after cutting his leg while mowing his lawn. “Had I not sought treatment, I would have lost my life,” he said starkly, referring to how he was treated by his doctors with an aggressive course of IV antibiotics.

“People ask me why this coverage is so important and I tell them I had insurance,” he said. “I knew it would be covered. I knew I wouldn’t go bankrupt for receiving the care that I needed.”

Gloria Campbell writes insurance policies as the owner of Advantage Insurance Solutions. She says before the creation of the ACA, nine out of 10 health insurance policies that she drew up for her clients were rejected because of her client’s pre-existing health conditions, or their families’ poor medical history.

Campbell says many of those people now on the ACA had never previously seen a doctor because they didn’t know how insurance worked.

“Now they own their own health care,” she said. “They talk about what kind of outcomes they want. Now people don’t rely on getting sick, they rely on staying well.”

“We have the technology to restart a heart, to 3D print organs and tissue, to save people from Ebola, but we lack the moral fiber and legislative stones to ensure that the American taxpayer doesn’t face lifelong financial ruin for the crime of surviving,” charged Jhavavi Pathak, who currently attends MIT and is the founder of The War on Cancer Foundation.

She told the story of her father, Yogesh, who in 2004 was diagnosed with Stage 4 kidney cancer which ultimately spread to his spleen, pancreas, lungs, leg, brain and skull. He’s had 14 major surgeries, including four on his brain, and is somewhat miraculously still alive. In the fall of 2013, he signed up to get on the ACA. “Every one of us is a single mishap or accident away from lifelong financial ruin,” she declared.

“It used to be people didn’t survive a serious medical issue,” Pathak said. “We just didn’t have the medical treatments or the scientific know-how. But now in 21st Century America, people simply can’t afford to survive a serious medical attention.”

While she and the other public speakers blasted the GOP for not having a replacement plan ready to insert as they begin to repeal the law, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul announced Sunday that he does have a replacement ready to go.

“Replacement should be the same day,” Paul said on CNN’s State of The Union, reiterating his critique of fellow congressional Republicans’ “repeal and delay” idea. “Our goal is to insure the most amount of people, give access to the most amount of people at the least amount of cost.”

Paul praised the good intentions of the designers of the Affordable Care Act but said it includes too many mandates and has “broken the insurance model” in the individual market. Among other changes, his plan would remove some insurance coverage mandates that drive up premium costs to “legalize the sale of inexpensive insurance.”

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Dolphins fall to Patriots; prepare for playoffs

The New England Patriots will not be traveling for the 2017 NFL playoffs. Thanks to their 35-14 victory over the Miami Dolphins at Hard Rock Stadium on Sunday, the Patriots will host any playoff game in which they are involved.

Future Hall of Famer Tom Brady showed why he earned that moniker. He completed 25 of 33 passes to seven different receivers for 276 yards and three touchdowns.

Despite the fact New England had the Eastern Division of the AFC wrapped up, the Patriots still needed the victory to guarantee home field advantage. They treated it like a playoff game.

The final score does not accurately reveal that Miami was in the game until late in the fourth quarter. After falling behind 20-0, Miami came back on two touchdown passes to from Matt Moore to Kenny Stills and Jarvis Landry.

Even after Brady hooked up with Julian Edelman for a rally-killing 77-yard catch and run touchdown, Miami again came back. With the Dolphins in the red zone attempting to get back within one score, Damien Williams was stripped after a catch at the 13 yard-line.

After a 69-yard return by Shea McClellin set up the Patriots, LeGarrette Blount put the game out of reach with a one-yard plunge. The entire sequence of events perfectly describes the Patriots.

As the GEICO commercial says, “that’s what they do.”

There is a bright side for the Dolphins. They took on a New England team that was not holding anything back and stayed with them for the most part.

Moore shows that he can make plays against a championship team as he fills in for Ryan Tannehill. He threw for 205 yards and two touchdowns.

This game was a good indicator that Miami has an opportunity to perform well in the playoffs. While the Pittsburgh Steelers, next week’s first-round opponent, is a battle-tested team, they are not the Patriots.

Depending on weather conditions in Pittsburgh, Moore should be able to make some throws and Jay Ajayi will have opportunities to run. The Steelers are a fitting opponent. Miami began their incredible season-ending streak of nine wins in their last 11 games with a 30-15 thrashing of Pittsburgh on October 17 in Miami.

The Dolphins (10-6) will be looking for their first playoff victory since December 30, 2000 when they beat the Indianapolis Colts.

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