This time, Lightning rallies after blowing two-goal lead and wins in OT

Forget that the opponent was in last-place. Forget that the Tampa Bay Lightning blew a two-goal lead for the second straight night. Forget that it took until overtime to complete the task.

The Lightning won.

What else matters?

The Lightning, getting points in its sixth straight game, is starting to show signs of life in the Eastern Conference Wild-card race. Sunday night, Tampa Bay launched 40 shots at Colorado, and came away with a 3-2 overtime victory.

The winning goal was scored when Jonathan Drouin stole the puck, then scored with at 2:27 of the overtime period.

“That’s what he does,” said Lightning coach Jon Cooper. “He’s a gifted, gifted player. You get him that close to the net with the puck and a little bit of time and space and he can do some magical things.”

For the second straight night, the Lightning seemed to be in good shape after Braydon Point and Vladislav Namestikov. But the Avs came back to force overtime when Matt Duchene scored the tying goal with 41.9 seconds to play on a shot that deflected off two players.

“Give Colorado credit for not quitting down 2-0 going into the third,” Cooper said, “but we needed to win one of those. Regardless of how this game’s going to turn out or how we’re going to get to 3-2, we needed it.”

The Lightning could have iced the game when Tyler Johnson scored in the third period, but the goal was disallowed. It spoiled a good night for the Triplets.

“Yeah, they were our best line tonight.” Cooper said. “They were a factor every time they hit the ice. Like I said, you feel for those guys. They get that one goal called back as well as they had played. There was a little contact. The ref saw it one way. We see it the other. That’s how it goes.”

Tampa Bay now returns home for four straight games, include Tuesday against Edmonton.

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Food Wishes with Chef John!

Food Wishes with Chef John – Do you want to learn how to cook fancy meals? Simple meals? Was Alton Brown a bit too high-concept? An actual chef, with a puckish voice and self-deprecating humor and dedicated to education, tackles your questions on “How do I cook…(dish here)?” on the Food Wishes youtube channel.

There is nothing slick about any part of his vids. A DSLR focussed on his cutting board or pan, and some cheap lighting and worse audio.

His whole thing is that, yes, YOU can do this! He explains how everything works and why, and then he’s doing what he’s doing as he does it, chatting about it the whole while. He takes great pains to be as authentic as he can, and explains when and why he’s not being authentic. He’s a working-class kid who grew up into a good chef and great educator, and after even watching one of his vids – and he’s shy to show his hands never mind his face – you realize the picture in your head was right all along.

MeFi: The Invisible Workload That Drags Women Down

Like much of the feminized work done more often by women than men, thinking, worrying, paying attention, and delegating is work that is largely invisible (warning: autoplay video), gets almost no recognition, and involves no pay or benefits.

“I am the person,” wrote Ellen Seidman, a wife and mother of three, “who notices we are running out of toilet paper.”

[Susan] Walzer found that women do more of the intellectual, mental, and emotional work of childcare and household maintenance. … Even when their male partners “helped out” by doing their fair share of chores and errands, it was the women who noticed what needed to be done. She described, in other words, exactly the kind of work that Seidman’s poem captures so well.


Emotional Labor (a selection):

the emotional labor thread, circa ’87

Emotions are Work

The Epic Thread

Lisa Wade:

This is the moment my parents dressed me up as a footballer and turned me gay.

“The problem stems not from there being ‘too much’ casual sex on campus but from the overall dissatisfaction with sex on campus and the lack of alternatives.”

The Balancing Act of Being Female; Or,

agree to pretend that the balls just aren’t there

Ellen Seidman: iPadGate

MeFi: Team of Revileds

The cabinet of new U.S. President Donald J. Trump is largely up for confirmation this week, and each nominee has a hefty portfolio to handle if confirmed.

For Rex Tillerson at State, Trump’s (and Tillerson’s) connections to Russia are under heavy scrutiny, while tensions with Iran and China continue to grow.

Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions will have to clean up the mess created by last week’s executive order — as will Transportation nominee Elaine Chao.

Betsy DeVos received some education about Education, while Scott Pruitt seeks to lead the burnt-out shell of the EPA.

Andrew Puzder at Labor will have to figure out if he has any particular opinions on what exactly the current unemployment rate is, Ben Carson wanders into HUD (with some controversial help from Elizabeth Warren), and Rick Perry has — oops — changed his tune on the Energy Department now that he has learned more or less what it does.

Health and Human Services nominee Tom Price will have to overcome his penchant for perjury if he wants the chance to oversee the colossal task of convincing Americans they don’t actually want Obamacare.

Steve Mnuchin, Treasury nominee, will be charged with taking government back from those damn Goldman Sachs elites.

And finally, tomorrow night we’ll get our answer to the question on everyone’s lips: “Who Wants To Be A Supreme Court Justice?