MeFi: Team of Revileds

The cabinet of new U.S. President Donald J. Trump is largely up for confirmation this week, and each nominee has a hefty portfolio to handle if confirmed.

For Rex Tillerson at State, Trump’s (and Tillerson’s) connections to Russia are under heavy scrutiny, while tensions with Iran and China continue to grow.

Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions will have to clean up the mess created by last week’s executive order — as will Transportation nominee Elaine Chao.

Betsy DeVos received some education about Education, while Scott Pruitt seeks to lead the burnt-out shell of the EPA.

Andrew Puzder at Labor will have to figure out if he has any particular opinions on what exactly the current unemployment rate is, Ben Carson wanders into HUD (with some controversial help from Elizabeth Warren), and Rick Perry has — oops — changed his tune on the Energy Department now that he has learned more or less what it does.

Health and Human Services nominee Tom Price will have to overcome his penchant for perjury if he wants the chance to oversee the colossal task of convincing Americans they don’t actually want Obamacare.

Steve Mnuchin, Treasury nominee, will be charged with taking government back from those damn Goldman Sachs elites.

And finally, tomorrow night we’ll get our answer to the question on everyone’s lips: “Who Wants To Be A Supreme Court Justice?


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