Food Wishes with Chef John!

Food Wishes with Chef John – Do you want to learn how to cook fancy meals? Simple meals? Was Alton Brown a bit too high-concept? An actual chef, with a puckish voice and self-deprecating humor and dedicated to education, tackles your questions on “How do I cook…(dish here)?” on the Food Wishes youtube channel.

There is nothing slick about any part of his vids. A DSLR focussed on his cutting board or pan, and some cheap lighting and worse audio.

His whole thing is that, yes, YOU can do this! He explains how everything works and why, and then he’s doing what he’s doing as he does it, chatting about it the whole while. He takes great pains to be as authentic as he can, and explains when and why he’s not being authentic. He’s a working-class kid who grew up into a good chef and great educator, and after even watching one of his vids – and he’s shy to show his hands never mind his face – you realize the picture in your head was right all along.


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