Workers’ comp rates could decrease in 2018

Florida businesses could see workers’ compensation insurance premiums decrease in 2018, after a tumultuous period that included a double-digit rate hike late last year and a lobbying battle about whether to revamp workers’ compensation laws. The National Council on Compensation Insurance, which proposes rates for workers’ compensation insurers, said Monday it was recommending an average premium decrease of 9.6 percent effective Jan. 1. The proposal will be reviewed by the state Office of Insurance Regulation, which can approve the decrease

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Judge denies witness in Florida case chance to view eclipse

A federal judge in Florida ruled a trial couldn’t be postponed just because one of the key witnesses a federal agent had travel plans to see the solar eclipse. In a droll, three-page ruling issued Friday, Judge Steven Merryday denied the motion filed by an assistant U.S. attorney. Recalling popular dialogue from the TV classic Star Trek, the judge wrote that the prosecutor boldy moves (where no AUSA has moved before). The solar eclipse is no longer mysterious,

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Seeking New Leader for FWA St. Pete

Looking to Volunteer? Become a Writers Group Leader!

A note from WGL Bria Burton:

It’s been my privilege to serve FWA as a Writers Group Leader since January 2015. As of December 1st, I will be stepping down from the position. I’m hoping that someone else will be willing to step up!

Is that you? If you (or multiple people as co-leaders) are interested in becoming the St. Pete Writers Group Leader