The Cat In The Hat Songbook

Perhaps you’d like to hear the 1967 album Dr Seuss Presents The Cat In The Hat Songbook: Seuss-Songs For Beginning Singers [YT playlist, ~30m] — Side A: Let Us All Sing, The Super-Supper March, My Uncle Terwilliger Waltzes With Bears, In My Bureau Drawer, The No Laugh Race, Plinker Plunker, Hurry Hurry Hurry!, Cry A Pint

Side B: I Can Figure Figures, Somebody Stole My Hoo-Too-Foo-To-Boo-To-Bah, Rainy Day In Utica, N.Y., Lullaby For Mr. Benjamin B. Bicklebaum, Happy Birthday To Little Sally Springel Spungel Sporn, My Uncle Terwilliger Likes To Pat, Yawn Song, The Left-Sock Thievers, Drummers Drumming, Party Parting

MeFi: Corporations are robots, my friend

Sci-fi writer Ted Chiang on how Silicon Valley misdiagnoses the AI threat: “The idea of superintelligence is such a poorly defined notion that one could envision it taking almost any form with equal justification: a benevolent genie that solves all the world’s problems, or a mathematician that spends all its time proving theorems so abstract that humans can’t even understand them. But when Silicon Valley tries to imagine superintelligence, what it comes up with is no-holds-barred capitalism.”

MeFi: Collusion Course

Day 316: former National Security Advisor to Trump, Michael Flynn, has pled guilty to lying to the FBI, widely believed to be a sign that Flynn has rolled on either senior administration officials or Trump family members. In particular, CNN is reporting that Flynn’s plea bargain implicates Jared Kushner, and Buzzfeed suggests that he was working for both Russia and Turkey. Meanwhile, Senate Republicans are coming to the end of their shambolic process to put together a tax bill, and are preparing to vote. [This is a US politics catch-all thread: please read these important rules about how they work. Also, enjoy refreshing MetaFilter chat for your hot takes and instant reactions.]

In other news:

Treason’s Greetings!

How Dollar General Became Rural America’s Store of Choice

The more the rural U.S. struggles, company officials said, the more places Dollar General has found to prosper. “The economy is continuing to create more of our core customer,” Chief Executive Todd Vasos said in an interview.

(Most news stories about Dollar General are about either a new store opening or a robbery.

Bloomberg, in October: Dollar General Hits a Gold Mine in Rural America.

Huffpost, in 2013: Join The Booming Dollar Store Economy! Low Pay, Long Hours, May Work While Injured