Ask MeFi: How to buy happiness.

Do you own something that is a little bit (or a lot) more than the basic or the practical, and it’s just the best? Please, tell me about it! Examples inside.

My husband and I had slept on a queen size bed forever, but after we got married we made the leap to a king and holy mother of everything it has changed our lives. We could have survived with our queen bed and been fine but we sleep so much better on a king and our lives are truly better for it.

Also, dryer balls! For the longest time I had been putting my towels in the dryer with nothing else like a damn fool and they were emerging in sad, damp clumps and it was fine but not great. Dryer balls were a small investment but they have made a world of difference!

Finally, a Clarisonic brush. Wowowowowow I love my Clarisonic. It was a gift, and it wasn’t something I typically would buy for myself because it seemed expensive and frivolous because why can’t I just wash my face with my hands like a normal person? But it has improved my skin tremendously and I use it every day and love it .

Do you have things like this, small or large purchases that elevate your experience beyond satisfactory? (If you are so very practical and rugged that you consider, like, shampoo and a refrigerator to be extras then I’m very happy for you and wish you all the best but that is not exactly what I’m after). Please share your stories of things that you’ve bought that you love!