MeFi: California bans salary history requirements

The new law, banning employers from asking about salary history, goes into effect Jan 1, 2018. AB 168 also requires employers to provide the pay scale on request – no more, “tell us what you made before, and we’ll tell you if you might be a candidate for the position.”

This has the potential to reshape the contractor-based industries. The new law says, “An employer, upon reasonable request, shall provide the pay scale for a position to an applicant applying for employment.” It doesn’t say, “shall provide pay scale for those applicants who are being seriously considered for the job.” It means info about job rates will be public, and job-seekers can compare rates across companies.

The law was enacted to prevent discrimination against women based on past discrimination; it looks like a tremendous boon to anyone who’s looking to switch industries, or who’s been stuck in a low-wage job while they learned more skills and had more responsibilities heaped on them.

It also means hiring managers will be scrambling to figure out how to rate applicants if they can’t use past salary as their quick y/n for “is this person maybe a fit for this position?”


It ain’t high art but it helps to be high

Wiley Wallace’s art is what you’d get if you tried to create a Spielbergian “kids in peril” classic on mescaline. Interestingly, Wallace says that he uses his own children as models for the characters in his paintings. A press release states that “at times realistic depictions deliquesce into abstract blurs of bright colors, while at others subtle apparitions make their way into otherwise unassuming everyday scenes.” Yeah, they “deliquesce“…

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Enterprise Florida gives raises, ditches bonuses

Raises will be provided to 16 upper-level and mid-level employees of Enterprise Florida, as the state’s business-recruitment agency does away with a controversial bonus program. The Enterprise Florida Executive Committee voted unanimously during a conference call Friday to approve a recommendation – supported by Gov. Rick Scott – to replace the bonus program. The pay increases are seen by committee members as a way to maintain Enterprise Florida without causing an exodus of employees. The public-private agency has faced heavy

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Palladium’s Side Door and some of our artists take home Best of the Bay Awards

The Palladium and some members of the Palladium artistic family picked up Best of the Bay Awards from Creative Loafing on Wednesday night.

Our jazz man, Nate Najar and his trio won as Best Local Jazz Ensemble

Our favorite opera company, St. Petersburg Opera, took home the award for Best Opera Company.

I was particularly proud that our Side Door show with the great David Amram earned a Critic’s Choice award. Read on for the rave writeup:

Best Flashback to the Beat Generation

David Amram & Friends at The Palladium’s Side Door Cabaret

David Amram

The Palladium’s Paul Wilborn promised this show would be a special night, and it was more than that – it was unforgettable. The evening, part of the SunLit Festival, wove a kind of time-travel magic, as if we’d been transported to an underground boite in Greenwich Village c. 1956: Jim Sorensen and Colleen Cherry mastering the hard-boiled romance of Jack Kerouac’s words, curled around the sounds of James Suggs’s trumpet; La Lucha’s Alejandro Arenas and Mark Feinman providing expert accompaniment on bass and drums; the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band’s wry John McEuen, cracking wise and playing a mean banjo; Wilborn’s sinuous rendition of Summertime. But Amram, the 86-year-old musical polymath, was the unquestionable star, spinning yarns (from first grade in Pass-A-Grille to hanging out in coffeehouses on MacDougall Street to writing the score for The Manchurian Candidate); playing an orchestra’s worth of of instruments, from French horn to flute to piano; singing Pete Seeger and even scatting a little (and did he yodel, too?); and playing piano in a style that was both freewheeling and exacting. -David Warner

Here’s a link to the piece:

Brandi Gabbard ignores opponent’s call to reject outside money in City Council campaign

Barclay Harless says he won’t accept any contributions from outside groups in his bid for the St. Petersburg City Council District 2 seat. He’s also calling on his opponent, Brandi Gabbard, to do the same. I pledge to not allow any outside group to spend on my behalf, more than the legal allowable contribution limit of $1,000 per election, and I ask my opponent to commit to the same pledge, Harless said Tuesday. This will benefit all of the constituents

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Wilson Ramos slam powers Rays by Orioles

Wilson Ramoshit his third career grand slam,Evan Longoria also went deep and theTampa Bay RaysthrottledUbaldo Jimenezin an 8-3 victory over theBaltimore Orioleson Friday night. Alex Cobbearned his career-high 12th win for the Rays, who interrupted a 4-9 slide and kept alive their slim playoff hopes. Ramos connected in the second inning and Longoria homered in the third for a 5-2 lead. Both drives came off Jimenez, who likely pitched his final home game with the Orioles following a rocky four-year

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Adam Putnam rolls up his sleeves in Monroe County, passes out water, thanks Walmart

After meeting with those involved in emergency response efforts underway in the Florida Keys and assessing damage, Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnamon Saturday morning joined Walmart associates and members of the National Guard to unload a truckload of water that the company donated to individuals affected by Hurricane Irma. Walmart made a commitment to support relief efforts in Florida even before Hurricane Irma arrived in the State, and we’re delivering on that promise by working with first-responders, elected officials and organizations

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Hillsborough man falls off ladder, becomes 20th fatality linked to Irma

Authorities say a 55-year-old Florida man who was preparing his home for Hurricane Irma died after falling off a ladder. The Hillsborough County Medical Examiner’s office reported Wednesday that Vincent Forest was pronounced dead Sunday at a Tampa hospital, a day after the accident at his Lake Placid home. An autopsy performed Tuesday concluded the cause of death was blunt impact to his head, including skull fractures, brain bruising and internal bleeding. Forest was married and worked for Glade and

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Gators cancel home opener with Northern Colorado

No. 22 Florida canceled its home opener against Northern Colorado on Thursday, two days before the game, because of impending Hurricane Irma. As the Hurricane’s track has approached the state of Florida, it’s become obvious that playing a football game is not the right thing to do, Gators athletic director Scott Stricklin said. The focus of our state and region needs to be on evacuations and relief efforts. There is a tremendous amount of stress currently on the roads of

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